The H2O Sporting Ring of Fire Water Trampoline / Bounce Platform is a fun and safe island for everyone to swim out to. No more worrying your kids slipping and hurting themselves on wooden docks that cost just as much. Now they can bounce the day away while you lay there and tan! 

- 3 people 540 lbs (245 kg) Max Capacity 
- Inflated size 128 inch diameter (325 cm) 
- Deflated size 142 inch diameter (360 cm) 
- Jumping area 84 inch diameter (214 cm) 
- Speed safety valve for fast inflation and deflation 
- The bladder is made of 30 gauge PVC 
- The side island is included to help you climb up onto the platform 
- Comes with anchor bag and rope to prevent trampoline from floating away 
- Sturdy handles to assist you in climbing on the island and platform 
- The bounce is provided by elastic stretch, so no dangerous springs to worry about 

PLEASE NOTE: You will not get the same bounce off the water trampoline as you would with a spring loaded land trampoline because is it is on water and without springs. It will add about 1 foot to your vertical and don't expect anything more. The amount of bounce provided is not an acceptable reason for return after it has been opened and used. 

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SOLD OUT for season. H2O Sporting Ring of Fire Water Trampoline / Bounce Platform

  • CA $899.99
  • CA $389.99

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